Middle School Choir is Group Therapy

by Ailisa Newhall, Commercial Music If you have ever taught middle school choir, you know what I’m talking about.  Everything is a huge dramatic deal inside a tiny bubble.  It makes the emotion of the music exhilarating.  It makes every other aspect of life a crazy roller coaster.  One student told me, “the only reason … Continue reading Middle School Choir is Group Therapy

Mentorship Pods forming now!

by Aly Henniger, Student Representatve Mentoring is beneficial for people at every level of choral experience. In order to incorporate all Washington ACDA members, Jason Saunders and I are creating Mentor Pods. These Pods will connect members of the profession at every level—from students to retirees—in an effort to share experiences and advice. The Pods … Continue reading Mentorship Pods forming now!

Fostering Mutual Respect with Your Choir Members

By Ailisa Newhall, Commercial Music R&R Coordinator Our choir members bring a rich culture of music with them from the first day they step into our rehearsal.  To encourage singers to share their own music, we need to foster a safe and supportive rehearsal environment.  All music, from classical to commercial, must be held equally … Continue reading Fostering Mutual Respect with Your Choir Members