Diversity Initiatives Committee

In conjunction with the WA-ACDA Board and the WA-ACDA Membership, the WA-ACDA Diversity Initiatives Committee will speak up, educate, and fight to ensure a just, equitable future for choral music in our state.  

We are here for you. Please reach out if you have any concerns or suggestions that you would like us to address!

Your Diversity Initiatives Committee

Our Goals

  1. To continually assess the climate of WA-ACDA and work to amplify voices of historically resilient communities.
  2. To offer guidance to our members so that choral music making in Washington state can serve all citizens.
  3. To participate in selecting clinicians and guiding our professional development opportunities to ensure that ADEI issues are continually addressed.


Please view the pages below to learn more about our committee and how you can become involved in this work.

Contact Us

If you have questions for the Diversity Initiatives Committee or are interested in joining, please use the form below to contact a committee member!