Leadership and Service Award

The recipient of the Washington ACDA Leadership and Service Award embodies the qualities associated with this honor: the conductor of outstanding choirs, programmer of a wide variety of high quality literature, an inspiring and effective clinician and adjudicator, an effective communicator, demonstrated loyalty and service to ACDA at the local, state, division, and national levels, and a model of strong character and integrity.

2022 – Julie Parsons

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2021 — Tim Westerhaus
2020 — Brian Mitchell
2019 — Brian Galante
2018 — Tim Fitzpatrick
2017 — Joel Ulrich
2016 — Steve Zopfi
2016 — Lori Wiest
2015 — Gary Weidenaar
2014 — Leora Schwitters
2013 — Frank DeMiero
2012 — Kris Mason
2011 — Judy Herrington
2010 — Richard Nance
Pre-2010 recipients: Leslie Guelker-Cone, Karen Fulmer, Neil Lieurance, Judy Filibeck, Scott Peterson, Paul Dennis, Peggy Burrough, Twyla Brunson, Richard Sparks, Robert Northrup, Howard Meharg, Paul Schultz, Rebecca Rottsolk, and Joan Conlon.