Washington ACDA Board

Repertoire and Resources

Courtney Rowley

Youth R&R Coordinator

Jaci Cummings

Children & Community Youth R&R Chair

Zaldy Rogero

Senior High School R&R Chair

Nicole Maramba

Junior High/Middle School R&R Chair

Leann Conely-Holcom

Collegiate R&R Coordinator, 4-Year College & University R&R Chair

John Guarente

2 Year College R&R Chair

Nicole Lamartine

Student Activities Coordinator

Anna Messenger

Student Representative

Joseph To

Community Choirs R&R Chair

Jacob Finkle

Music in Worship R&R Chair

Angela Kasper

Repertoire-Specific R&R Coordinator, World Musics and Culture R&R Chair

Ryan Hyde

Contemporary and Commercial Music R&R Chair

Billy Buhl

TB/Men’s Choir R&R Chair

Kasey Eck

SA/Women’s Choir R&R Chair

J. Edmund Hughes

Composition R&R Chair

Officers & Administrative Support

Barbara Tappa


Monika Tabor


Anne Lyman

Past President

Taylor Clarke


Mike Allen


Sara Forte


Jason Saunders

Website and Tech

Jonica Beatie

Communications and Social Media