Washington ACDA Board

Repertoire and Resources

Courtney Rowley

Youth R&R Coordinator

Jaci Cummings

Children & Community Youth R&R Chair

Zaldy Rogero

Senior High School R&R Chair

Nicole Maramba

Junior High/Middle School R&R Chair

Leann Conely-Holcom

Collegiate R&R Coordinator, 4-Year College & University R&R Chair

John Guarente

2 Year College R&R Chair

Nicole Lamartine

Student Activities Coordinator

Anna Messenger

Student Representative

Joseph To

Community Choirs R&R Chair

Jacob Finkle

Music in Worship R&R Chair

Angela Kasper

Repertoire-Specific R&R Coordinator, World Musics and Culture R&R Chair

Ryan Hyde

Contemporary and Commercial Music R&R Chair

Billy Buhl

TB/Men’s Choir R&R Chair

Kasey Eck

SA/Women’s Choir R&R Chair

J. Edmund Hughes

Composition R&R Chair

Officers & Administrative Support

Barbara Tappa


Monika Tabor


Anne Lyman

Past President

Taylor Clarke


Mike Allen


Sara Forte


Jason Saunders

Website and Tech

Jonica Beatie

Communications and Social Media

The Washington State Chapter of the American Choral Directors Association has a long and illustrious history of leadership dating back to its establishment in 1961. We proudly recognize our past presidents, many of whom are still actively engaged in music making in Washington State today.

Monika Tabor, 2023-2025
Barbara Tappa, 2021-2023
Anne Lyman, 2019-2021
Julie Parons, 2017-2019
Brian Mitchell, 2015-2017
Tim Fitzpatrick, 2013-2015
Marc Hafso, 2011-2013
Lori Wiest, 2009-2011
Leora Schwitters, 2007-2009
Linda Hamilton, 2005-2007
Leslie Guelker-Cone, 2003-2005
Judy Herrington, 2001-2003
Richard Nance, 1999-200
Twyla Brunson, 1997-1999
Howard Meharg, 1995-1997
Ed Schaefer, 1993-1995
Scott Peterson, 1991-1993
Karen Fulmer, 1989-1991
Paul Schultz, 1987-1989
Bob Cathey, 1985-1987
Ruch Chase, 1983-1985
Judy Kuhn (Filibeck), 1981-1983
Gordan Leavitt, 1979-81
Wallace Goleeke, Gerry Loper, Robert Metzger (State Chair people), 1970s
C. Jerome Semrau (State Chairman), 1968-1970
Coyne Burnett (State Chairman), 1963-1968
Bernard Regier (State Chairman), 1961-1963