Student Members

Welcome WA-ACDA Student Members! Here we will have important information that pertains specifically to student members. 

Student Resource Board Members

Julian Fajardo

Student Activities Chair

Nia Pristas

Student Representative

Featured Article

The Big Queer Concert – A Report from the CWU Student Chapter - written by Tori Casebeer, Vice President, Central Washington University ACDA Chapter For many of us in Central Washington University’s ACDA Student Chapter, social justice is a very important topic of discussion. We know that the choral world is diverse and broad in its membership, and that people of different ethnicities, abilities, sexual orientations, and gender … Continue reading The Big Queer Concert – A Report from the CWU Student Chapter

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Student Chapters

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ACDA Student Chapter Contact Information

Current Chapter Advisors

Central Washington University – Gary Weidenaar (
University of Washington – Dr. Giselle Wyers (
Washington State University – Dr. Lori Wiest (
Western Washington University – Tim Fitzpatrick (

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If your student chapter would like to have a featured article on our site, please contact Aly Henniger (Student Board Representative)

Mentorship Pods

Mentoring is beneficial for people at every level of choral experience. Mentorship Pods will connect members of the profession at every level—from students to retirees—in an effort to share experiences and advice. The Pods will consist of one student member, one person having three or fewer years of experience in the field, one person having 3-10 years in the field, one person having 10-25 years of experience, and one person having 25 or more years of experience and who may be retired.

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