Mentorship Pods forming now!

by Aly Henniger, Student Representatve

Mentoring is beneficial for people at every level of choral experience. In order to incorporate all Washington ACDA members, Jason Saunders and I are creating Mentor Pods. These Pods will connect members of the profession at every level—from students to retirees—in an effort to share experiences and advice. The Pods will consist of one student member, one person having three or fewer years of experience in the field, one person having 3-10 years in the field, one person having 10-25 years of experience, and one person having 25 or more years of experience and who may be retired.

To get the Pods started, we need just a bit of information from you! We have short online survey for you to complete (it should take less than five minutes).

Click here to take the WA ACDA Mentorship Pods Survey

This will give us the information to match people based on areas of need and past experience, with the goal that everyone in each Pod benefits from participating.

Thank you for your participation in this great mentorship opportunity! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Aly Henniger, WAACDA Student Board Member

aly.henniger at


Jason Saunders, WAACDA Chair of Youth & Students Activities

jason.saund at

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