Diversity and Equity Initiatives Committee Structure Document

Committee Membership

  • The committee shall have no fewer than five and no more than seven members.
  • At least one member of the committee will be a current WA-ACDA board member.
  • Members will serve one two-year term, with the possibility of continued membership for not more than three consecutive terms.
  • Members are chosen through application to the Executive Council when there is an upcoming vacancy on the committee. Application forms will be posted on the WA-ACDA web site.
  • The ACDA Board will forward applications to the Diversity Committee. 
  • The Diversity Committee will discuss applicants and vote on membership. Results will be reviewed by the board president who will notify the applicant.
  • Membership terms will begin and end during Summer Institute whenever possible.
  • BIPOC membership on this committee is crucial. To this end, WA-ACDA strongly encourages non-members to apply.

Committee Function and Communication

  • The committee will meet at least one time per month for 60 minutes for the entire calendar year.
  • The committee will run democratically without an appointed chair.
  • Leadership for monthly meetings will rotate, with two committee members assigned as co-leaders for each meeting.
  • One member of the committee (volunteer) shall serve as Communications Director, communicating regularly with the board president, board, and entire membership. 
  • Note taking for each meeting will rotate among committee members. To ensure transparency, WA-ACDA membership will have access to posted notes.
  • As issues and agenda items arise, there will be an open line of communication between the WA-ACDA board and the Communications Director of the Diversity Committee. It is understood that due to the nature of this work and the structure of our organization, ideas and concerns might initiate from any of several sources.