WA ACDA Board 2019-2020
The 2019-2020 Washington ACDA Board

Repertoire and Resources

Monika Tabor, Youth R&R Coordinator

Drew Olsen, Children & Community Youth R&R Chair

Sarah Edwards, Junior High/Middle School R&R Chair

Sara Forte, High School R&R Chair

Kraig Scott, College R&R Coordinator/College R&R

Jacob Funk, 2-year College R&R

Julian Fajardo, Student Activities Chair

Kyle Sauer, Student Representative

Heather MacLaughlin Garbes, Lifelong R&R Coordinator

Elizabeth Berndt, Community Choirs R&R

Allan Andrews, Music in Worship R&R and Retired Members Activities Coordinator

Ailisa Newhall, Area-Specific R&R Coordinator

Haley Isaacs, Women’s Choir R&R

Keith Whitlock, Men’s Choir R&R

Angela Broeker, Multicultural & Ethnic Perspectives R&R

David “Caz” Cazier, Vocal Jazz R&R

Ailisa Newhall, Contemporary R&R

Jessica French, Composition R&R

Officers & Administrative

Anne Lyman, President

Barbara Tappa, President Elect

Julie Parsons, Past President

Clarance Knutson, Treasurer

Rachel Wulff, Secretary

McKenzie Clark, Membership

Sara Carroll, Communications

Jason Saunders, Web/Tech

Kassey Castro, Social Media